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ever lost a dime of insured deposits. during the crisis, the response of the government was to increase the levels of account sizes that were insured. i considered that to be extremely unlikely in the united states. >> don lee at the l.a. times. would you be in favor of reducing the flow of stimulus ago we had a month or two of job growth light in february, the unemployment rate dropping, but the long-term unemployed did not change much? and a related question, how much of a pickup you expect to see in the labor force rate?ipation what would we need to see there to show substantial improvement? >> on the first question, as i said, that is a decision for the committee. we will make a judgment about how significant improvement is, how sustained it is. long-term unemployment is one dimension of the unemployment problem. i think probably the best way to get the long-term unemployed back to work is to get an overall strong labor market. we would be looking at the overall key indicators like overall unemployment rate, payrolls, and hiring, and some other things that i mentioned. the other par
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1